Thursday, 29 July 2010

Swapping work

I have posted my work onto Megan Thomas to put her mark on and received Dominique Byron's interpretation of 'The Triumph of Fortitude' to work with.

This is Dom's piece that I now have to work on:

I really like how Dom has interpreted a specific piece from the tapestry as I did. She has focussed on the Elephant being stabbed by Eleazer:

It is so interesting to see just how differently we have each interpreted the tapestry and the methods we have used to do so.

I like the use of stencil work and typography which Dom has created herself making the piece much more personal and quite inspiring to try something like that in the future myself.

I'm finding it quite a daunting prospect that I have to put my mark on Dom's beautiful piece. I feel as if I am entering someones personal private space and adding a little bit of me to it.

I was happy to let my work go and allow the other two members to work with it and can not wait to see the end product and see the journey from start to finish after being passed around.

I think what is scaring me the most is the thoughts of ruining the work I am given as soon as I put my mark onto it. I am however going to have an open, positive mind about it and have fun experimenting to see what I can come up with.
I also feel that this will be a perfect opportunity to work both analogue and digital which will aid my Photoshop skills.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

' The Triumph of Fortitude.'

For my interpretation of this piece as I stated I would in an earlier post, I concentrated solely on the lions in the tapestry:

Due to the way in which I chose to work and the limited time to complete it in before having to pass it on to the next member of my group, I only had time to reproduce one area of the tapestry.

And here is my finished interpretation of the lion:

I used a variety of materials to make the model, including; newspaper, cardboard, material off cuts and threads.

I began by building up his head using circular pieces of cardboard before covering them with paper mache. I have to admit that in the beginning he started out life looking more like a pig but having reworked him several times he came out looking much more lion like.
After building the basic shape of the head i started to decorate it and add detail such as the eyes, nose and mane etc.

Gluing the thread on to act as the mane was extremely time consuming and whilst at first was fairly therapeutic it soon became very tedious as you can imagine!
After positioning features of the lion and further filling out the mane he really began to take shape and so began to move onto building his body.

For this I used a good old empty toilet role tube and wrapped threads around to cover it and match the head! Again another lengthy process but one I feel was well worth it to make the model look as well made as possible.
Once I'd completed that procedure I then moved on to the legs, for which I used dolly pegs and wrapped them in thread like the body before gluing everything in place.

Overall I am pleased with the outcome of the model and I spent a lot of time in creating him which hopefully can be appreciated. I am slightly disappointed however that I could not reinterpret more from the original tapestry to go alongside him. At the same time despite me only finding time to create one character from the tapestry it allows the other group members who get their hands on him more to play around with.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Getting Started

Today is in fact my birthday, I am full of energy and am just itching to get cracking with this Las Meninas Summer Project. At present I am identifying areas of the chosen piece/tapestry that will be suitable and fun to work from.
I am currently being drawn to the lions in the piece. There is something very striking about them and they play a big part in the tale of the tapestry, symbolising fortitude and the Resurrection of Christ.
The costumes are also appealing and I'm excited to make and re-work the characters and their garments. Fortitude herself looks like an interesting character to re-work with her helmet and armour, carrying Samson's Pillar in her right hand whilst strangling a dragon in her left!
I also really quite like the look of the intriguing character that be, Sicinius Dentatus, a Roman man riding one of the lions.

I am going to make a start on making some of these characters from simple household objects and see what I can come up with.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Collage Part 2

Another collage artist that I happened to stumble across is the works of Sarah Hanson. I absolutely love her work, the colour choice, the layout and the simplicity of the pieces.

There is a real beauty and softness to the imagery that captured my attention and intrigued me implicitly.

The pieces are very natural and organic in appearance which I find really lovely.
The mix of life like looking imagery positioned against papers and hand drawn elements looks exciting and unusual.


Not only am I interested in the making of 3D models and the use of recycled materials but I do like a good collage. Whilst browsing the web and scanning the AOI website I came across some rather delightful collages.

The UK based Graphic artist and illustrator, Martin O'Neill ones initially caught my attention:

I particularly enjoy looking at the mixed ephemera and the way elements are positioned throughout the compositions.

The methods he uses to create these pieces is also very interesting. He incorporates a varying amount of techniques, including: silkscreen, photography, paint, transfers and photocopies.

Las Meninas Summer project:The Chosen One

So the time has come for me to announce which piece of work the three of us chose to interpret having visited the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool on Tuesday (6th July 2010).

After much deliberation between us we decided to look at a piece called 'The Triumph of Fortitude.' A large Tapestry measuring more than 4X5 metres in size.
The piece tells a number of various tales and to its educated audience in the 16th Century it would have been read as we would read a book today.

We chose this piece because of the amount of characters both on a traditional and religious theme displayed and the various stories going on. We knew that we would not be limited or struggling for ideas with the tapestry because the entire piece is jam packed full of imagery and ideas to pick up on and interpret.
I am going to approach this image by simply picking a particular section of the tapestry rather than re-working the entire piece. That way I know I will work much more effectively and carefully to concentrate on a certain part that interests me.

Symbolism is a significant feature throughout the entire tapestry and to identify characters and tales within the art work take a gander at this link: Who's who?

Studying who is who and the importance of the characters is particularly interesting and also swaying me into choosing certain areas that have a group of interesting characters within them for interpretation.

When I am happy and only completely content that I have picked a suitable/interesting part to study and interpret will I begin to tackle the project.
I do know that I would like to try making 3D models as one way of interpreting the piece and photographing them as this was a technique I really enjoyed as a first year student and where I found my own niche that I was pleasantly pleased and satisfied with.

There will be more posts to follow this as I go on my little journey to interpret the work. It's exciting business!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A trip to Liverpool

Today I went on a little journey to Liverpool which was very exciting seeing as it was the first time I've visited the place. I did not venture alone I was accompanied by Megan and Dom to explore the Walker Art Gallery.
I have been used to the Art Galleries of Manchester but I was taken aback by the Walker Art Gallery. There was such a variety of Art works on display that there was not a moment to lose interest!

One of my ultimate favorite exhibitions on display had to be Dare To Wear Glass Dresses by Diana Dias-Leão.

I found the pieces very beautiful and loved the intricacy and the sheer attention to detail behind the creations. There was a delicacy and preciousness about them which lured me in and held my gaze.

Having endured the beauty and magnificence of the Dare to Wear Glass Dresses exhibition we continued to make our way around the gallery keeping in mind our Summer project. I think we were approaching the matter with very open minds and trying not to choose a piece of work that would be limited to work with but rather something that had a lot to offer.

The next Art collection to capture my attention was Glass, Metal and Fire by Ruth Ball.

With this particular selection I was interested by the technique the artist used to create the pieces and how she had used traditional methods of enameling and made them very contemporary looking.
The colours are very bold and vibrant in the tiles another reason why the works grabbed my attention making me want to reach out and touch them.

The more we saw around the gallery the harder it was becoming to narrow it down to choosing one piece to work with. It was a bit like a kid being thrown into a giant sweet shop!

At the gallery there were some Special Exhibitions being held, one of which I was extremely fond of.
High Kicks & Low Life: Toulouse-Lautrec prints was one exhibition I was thrilled to see. It was very exciting to think I had recently done a fair share of research on Toulouse Lautrec to put together an essay about him and i was now being given the opportunity to study his art work in the flesh. Lautrec's prints look very intriguing in books and online but to get the chance to see them displayed in front of me was much more fascinating.

When I was first introduced to Toulouse Lautrec's work I was not a huge lover of his prints, however when I started to research into his background life and how he was deprived of a normal day to day life due to his ill health and stunted growth I grew to truly appreciate his art work and became a fan.
I also found he was a big inspiration and I have admiration for the way he continued to battle on no matter what stood in his way this is the attitude I would like to reflect throughout my working method.

In the next blog which I post all will be revealed as to which piece we chose to interpret for the summer project!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Bit of Paul Klee

Another artist who I can refer to and easily be inspired by is the works of Paul Klee. He recycles scrap objects in such an imaginative and creative way which i just adore.

I have always been a fan of Paul Klee but in particular his whimsical puppets that he created to entertain his son with.
The models are very charming and full of character and life. I can almost imagine the way they would walk, talk and act.
There is a sense of warmth and also a comical value about the little puppets which I find rather lovely.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Research: Hattie Newman

Whilst trying to get the hang of this Blogging I came across Hattie Newman's work and felt a distinct connection between her work and my own.
Hattie states in her blog that she enjoys to work with a combination of both two and three dimensional ways which is something I am familiar with and enjoy to do myself.

Charming minature 'sets'/scenes created by the artist.

Intelligent use of materials used carefully and creativley which I find particularly interesting and inspiring.