Monday, 22 November 2010

Dieter Roths / Björn Roth: Garten Skulptur

Not only did I see fantastical reindeer and canaries but also enjoyed Dieter Roth/Bjorn Roth's Gartenskulptur's.

Dieter Roth, born as Karl-Dietrich Roth in Hanover, Germany 1930.

Roth creates organic Art objects, which show the gradual process of change, time and decay.

In 1970 Roth began working on Garten skulptur (Garden Sculpture). The project was worked on even beyond his death.
The sculpture developed over a period of almost thirty years. The sculpture defines a collection, decay and metamorphis.
Garten Skulptur was installed with the assistance of the artist's son and collaborator, Bjorn Roth.

I loved how different this particular exhibition was. It was interesting and began raising questions in my mind about what everything was/what was going on.

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