Sunday, 21 November 2010

Berlin-Day 1:

On the first day in Berlin, I was offered the chance to go to Olaf Hajek's studio and meet him.

Olaf Hakek was born in North Germany and is one one of the Worlds most successful Illustrators.
He spoke of how whilst studying Graphic Design, he began to realise that being sat in front of a computer all day did not appeal to him and so moved into Illustration.
He drove himself into the social and freelance Illustration scene and spent his impressionable years in Amsterdam.

Olaf has worked alongside Vivienne Westwood teaching and has influenced both young and old with his generous talents.

The visit was very interesting, being able to look around his studio and at his work was quite an honour and listening to his story of how he has made it this far as an illustrator was particularly inspiring.

The studio space was quite methodical and very spacious. There were a large amount of beautiful books mounted on a table and around the room on shelves:

His work is very elegant, beautiful and sensitive in appearance and technique. He has such a skill to painting and produces figurative, textural and colourful pieces that are so attractive to the eye.

His work is so bright and eye catching it is full of character and sensibility.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to his studio and was very inspired listening to how Olaf himself has got to where he is today.

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