Sunday, 21 November 2010

Berlin-day 1 contd:

Whilst at Olaf Hajek's studio his working partner, Martin Haake walked through the door just as we were about to leave!

He took us into his work space and began to show us what he had produced on his computer.
Whilst Olaf spoke about working in a more hands on approach Martin was much more into working with a computer.

Martin has lived in London for a number of years but is now based in Berlin where he lives with his wife and two sons.
He has an admiration and passion for American Folk art and has been working for approx. fourteen years as a freelance illustrator doing commercial work with the likes of: Orange, Penguin books and Bacardi.
Not only has he been extensively published in Design annuals but has also won a number of International awards such as, the silver awards at the German and British Art Directors Club.

His work has a humorous element about it and again like olaf he also has an inspiring story to tell.
The visit has given me a true insight to what you can make from working hard and getting recognised.

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